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Our Stock Range

In normal times, we stock approximately 700 retail lines of everything you would expect to find in a village convenience store (plus more individual local products and gifts) including: toiletries, household goods, laundry products, chilled foods (Cheeses, large and small yoghurts pate, ham cream, milk, individual pies etc), ambient grocery main brands (Condiments, flour, sugar, pasta rice, basic cooking and baking supplies), biscuits, sharing crisps, cereals (local and main brand), chocolates and sweets, tea, coffee, large bottles of coke/lemonade, cartons and bottles of fruit juice and squash, cards, gifts, fruit and vegetables, frozen convenience (such as chips, frozen peas etc) large round and loaf cakes, and bread, cat and dog food. 

We have a mix of suppliers including the local Booker Cash and Carry, but we also have many very local and small independent suppliers whose supply chain and their own suppliers are currently, mainly unaffected by the Coronavirus crisis. They include such products as bread and bakery items (6 days a week), fresh meat (almost daily/when required), bacon, eggs, honey, and handmade ready meals and family pies.

We still sell all of the above (subject to availability), just with some small changes. Currently there are some items that we are out of stock such as paracetamol and bleach, but most main staple products are available.  We normally sell only main branded goods such as McVities, Heinz, Hellman’s, Colgate etc, but at the moment some items are having to be substituted with what is available – for example we have the ‘Happy Shopper’ range of Rich Tea and Gingernut biscuits at the moment.


What we have added/changed

As some normal lines are unavailable from the wholesalers, we have had to ‘think outside of the box’!  We currently have rice, spaghetti, plain and self-raising flour and potatoes in bulk that we can now bag up in 500g an 1kg quantities.  We also have fresh yeast from our bakery, that we are selling in 2oz portions (enough for 4 loaves). This lasts a week and can be frozen. We are also selling our catering soups (Tomato, Wild Mushroom and Cream of Chicken), we have large bottles of hand-soap that we can dispense into tubs and we can bag up dishwasher tabs when larger boxes are only available.

So, in a little more detail to follow is an outline of the products that we sell and still aim to stock:


Chilled Goods

Individual meat pies

Pate (Brussels)

Ham (not reformed)

Yoghurt (large and small individual)

Cheese (Cheddar, Brie, Feta, Halloumi, Philadelphia, and 

Laughing Cow)

Elmlea Cream (Full, single and Whipping)

Milk (Whole, Semi-skimmed and skimmed  - various sizes) 

Oat, Soya and Almond milk


Cakes (delivered every Thursday)

Large round sponge – Victoria, Lemon, Chocolate, Coffee

Loaves – Lemon Drizzle, Coffee and Walnut, Carrot, Fruit 

Cards -birthday, special occasion, blank, notelet packs and stamps.

Fruit and Vegetables






Bell Peppers (red, green and yellow)





(plus other – asparagus, sweetcorn, beetroot, green beans, lettuce, spinach when available)

Apples, Bananas, Oranges and Lemons, Grapes


Meat (Timpson’s Smallholding of Saunderton)

Minced beef

Chicken breasts

Lamb chops


Back and streaky bacon (Chiltern Farm)



Fresh Bakery (Delivered Monday to Saturday) – Darvell’s of Chesham

White, Wholemeal and Multigrain farmhouse loaves

Lardy Cake

Soft white rolls

Saturday only – Croissants, Belgian Buns and Custard Danish



Hash Browns

Fish Fingers

Battered cod

Frozen Peas

Potato Waffles

Breaded Chicken

Roast potatoes 

Yorkshire Puddings


Beechdean Ice cream

Ben and Jerry’s 



Local Handmade Frozen Ready Meals (small feeds 1-2 and large feeds 2-3) (Absolute Cuisine)

Beef Lasagne 

Vegetable Lasagne

Cottage Pie

Beef Bourguignon

Chicken Parmigiana

Lamb and Apricot Casserole

Family meat pies

Individual gluten free quiche 


Ambient Grocery

Cooking Oils, 

Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Salad Cream, Pickles


Salt, pepper, other seasonings

Kids pasta (Dinosaur and Farm shapes!)

Cook-In sauces

Stock cubes

Gravy granules

Mrs Darlington’s chutneys, Jams and Marmalades


Tinned fruit, tomatoes

Tinned tuna

Corned beef

Tinned soup

Knorr catering soup


Peanut butter, hazelnut spread, honey, jam, marmalade

Savoury biscuits

Part-baked Petit Pain

Tea, coffee and sharing juices 

Local muesli and porridge (Chiltern Natural Foods)


Confectionery, Snacks and Crisps

Tyrrells Crisps (4 flavours)


Ready salted, Quavers, Pom Bears, 

Pringles, Doritos

Large sharing and individual bars of chocolate plus sharing bags such as Maltesers, Twirl bites, mini eggs etc

Sweets (including Werther’s Original, Polos and chewing gum)

Bags of Fruit Jellies,

Pork Scratchings

Thai Chilli Crackers 

Chocolate Raisins and Honeycomb


Biscuits and Cakes

Rich Tea

Custard Creams

Plain and Chocolate Digestives




Chocolate chip, oat cookies etc









Throat Lozenges

Anadin Extra


Paracetamol/ Children’s paracetamol (not currently available)

Indigestion tablets Sanitary towels and 


Face Wipes



Shower gels

Men’s shaving foam etc

Hand cream


Wet wipes, baby shampoo


Cleaning & dishwasher products

Toilet roll 

Kitchen roll

Foil, clingfilm, food bags

Dishcloths and sponge scourers

Laundry powder, tabs, softener


Pet Food

Cat and dog food,

Treats, doggy bags

New: Bagged from bulk/refills


Flour (Plain and self-raising)




Dishwasher tabs

Liquid soap refills


We have a team of amazing staff, volunteers and suppliers, working hard to make sure that we maintain our stock as much as possible. We receive deliveries frequently, so please rest assured that we aim to continue to ensure that vital (and comfort!) food and supplies reach you during the Coronavirus crisis.


Don’t forget that anyone can place an order, from a pint of milk to a basketful, everyday, so please don’t hesitate to call us on 01494 568653 or our NEWdedicated emailshop@valleyshop.orgwith whatever you may need. You can find the shopping order form on the website.


Thank you and stay safe from everyone at Hughenden Valley Community Shop.



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