A Shop FOR the Community run BY the Community

 Contact Details

Telephone: 01494 568 653

e-mail: shopmanager@valleyshop.org

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The messages of support and encouragement for a community shop have been overwhelming.  We have been spurred on to develop this website to keep you up-to-date and maintain your support as we move the project forward.

This is a community project - if you have any ideas for pages or would like to see information that is not displayed on the website then please do let us know by emailing us at committee@valleyshop.org

 If you would like to offer support via donation or buying a share, or offer support in another way please contact us (click here for our contact details).  At the moment, we are looking for LOTS of volunteers to work as little as two hours a week.  Click for more information.

We hope you find this website useful and we look forward to hearing from you.